Generalist fighters versed in warcraft. They know that combat can be a fickle thing and are prepared for whatever situation is thrown at them.


Signature Ability: Forceful Strike


Medics who specialize in using Holy Magic to keep their allies healthy and alive.


Signature Ability: Panacea II


Students of Elementalism, the art of unleashing destructive magic upon the battlefield. These spell-slingers can take out large groups of enemies at once.


Signature Ability: Fire I, Water I


These champions protect the weak and can shrug off even the most powerful of blows.


Signature Ability: Defend


Tricksters who eschew brute strength in favor of speed and nimbleness. They are adept at acquiring what others possess.


Signature Ability: Steal GP

Plague Doctor

Learned and versatile surgeons who put their knowledge of medicine to great use. But they are also pragmatists and have no qualms with using that knowledge with harmful intent.


Signature Ability: Recovery


Blending science and mysticism, they wield Soul Magic to support and empower their allies.


Signature Ability: Aegis, Shield


Survivalists who have honed their skill in archery to deadly effect.


Signature Ability: Rooting Shot


These noble and valiant champions fight to erase corruption from the land. They would sacrifice themselves without hesitation in the name of a greater cause.


Signature Ability: Holy Chant


Representing the duality in all things, Druids dabble in both the destructive and curative facets of magic. Though they do not excel in any one area, they are well-rounded and can eventually learn to cast two spells at once.


Signature Ability: Heal I, Bleed, Earth I


These reclusive warriors are adept at anointing their blades with a cocktail of deadly toxins.


Signature Ability: Poison Slice


Knowing that even the best-laid plans are subject to the whims of Lady Luck, Gamblers have found ways to manipulate the forces of chance in their favor.


Signature Ability: Wild Card: Spades


These tinkers have invented all manner of technological marvels. As long as they have crafted the right tool for the job, they are ready for anything.

Signature Ability: Engineering


These wild warriors charge recklessly into battle, heedless of their own safety. Their Brutality is unmatched.


Signature Ability: Primal Cry


Relying on their wits, Peddlers prefer to stay out of direct combat. They set clever traps and know how to get the most bang for their buck out of items.


Signature Ability: Lacerating Trap


These archmages indiscriminately Lay Waste to the entire battlefield with raw elemental power.


Signature Ability: Hailstorm


Warmages earned their name by wading into the thick of battle, fusing magic and weaponry to devastating effect. These masters of both body and mind embody the concept of "high risk, high reward."


Signature Ability: Fire Bolt, Water Bolt


Expert marksmen who disable their targets from afar.


Signature Ability: Focus Power


Trained for morally questionable endeavors, Assassins have numerous creative methods for neutralizing their target. Even when they aren't striking from the shadows, their ability to wield two weapons makes them formidable foes.

Signature Ability: Blind Powder


Duelists are unmatched in the art of one-on-one combat. Their unending quest for perfection has granted them some of the deadliest techniques known.

Signature Ability: Falcon Flourish


There are also hidden classes waiting to be unlocked!


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