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July 28, 2017

First: Good news everyone!

Microsoft has approved Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark for Xbox One! So, we'll be targeting Steam and Xbox One for our initial release.

We're still awaiting a response from Sony, so we're not ruling out PS4 at this point, but no news yet. As for the Switch, I think the best case scenario there is probably a later release if anything, but we shall see.

Lots of new work done this week. First, our first "large enemy" is finally finished. Here's what it looks like:

(My artist tell me that's his "happy dance". Hmm....)

Also, after some feedback from fans, we've been fine tuning the animation speed for our idle animations and incre...

July 21, 2017

We've been hard at work on art assets this week!

We have a new bunch of portraits, including our first monster portraits, the Rakkerjak:

 We've been working on a special large 2x2 tiles monster, but it's not quite finished yet. Here's a little preview:

 He's not very friendly...

We also have a bunch of new spell effects, but those haven't been loaded into the game yet, as I've been busy working on our Kickstarter page and some other initiatives (we'll have more news when things are more concrete ^^). We'll showcase a few of the new spells in next week's update (can't reveal ALL of them, otherwise there won't be any surprises when the game's out ;...

July 14, 2017

Starting today, we'll be posting updates for the week every Friday, under the very catchy label: Fell Friday!

The code for the game is about 90-95% done at this point, so currently, our main focus is creating assets for the game, primarily in the portraits, character design and maps part of the game. Here's what we've got done this week:

 A bunch of new portraits for players to choose from when creating/editing their custom characters!

We also have a new finalized map, the Relic Temple, where some important story scenes will happen. We won't be showing too many of our maps in these posts though, as that would be some fairly major spoilers.

We fin...

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