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July 5, 2017


Since our last blog showing how our first map looks as a final png, we've been getting some requests to explain how we create a new map, so, here it is!

There are 4 main steps when we create a new map. Here's a breakdown:

- Designing the map.

- Hand drawing the map and scanning it.

- Coloring/finalizing the map in a drawing software.

- Creating the map grid and adding objects.

So, in details:

- Designing the map.

We first create the layout of the map on paper, showing the general geography, including blocked areas and tile heights. Our artist usually adds a few visual cues to that sketch, to start planning for her hand drawn version.

 (initial des...

July 1, 2017

We have a new map, it's the Immortal Council's room. It's at the very top of a tower, so it's nice and aerated!

We also have some new outfits for sprites, including the totally different 'steampunk' armor, some new spells and another map almost ready. As usual, we are making good time :)

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