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November 24, 2017

This week, we've continued working on bug fixes (mainly around abilities and spells) and adding some new spells. We added about 10 more spells this week, including Fire Locus, a strong single target fire spell:

Our artist made solid progress on the boss monsters she's been working on for a bit now and we now have the front and back animations done. We also have the final Reiner sprite, which wraps up all the starting story characters, which means the next build we put up out there shouldn't have any temporary hero assets anymore!

Actually, he's missing his new and improved idle animation (just like most sprites) as we're going to start a global...

November 18, 2017

Slightly belated update for Fell Friday! Big news this week is that we finally sent all our Kickstarter backer surveys. We can't wait to start gathering everyone's names, portraits and materials for the game! It's pretty exciting! :)

Otherwise, I've been working on bugs for most of the week, as well as integrating feedback we've gotten from the fans during our Kickstarter campaign. We have some improvements to input around the mouse, keyboard and gamepad in the works. Our artist is working on the back frames of the boss monster we showed last week (nothing complete enough to show yet though) and we have a lot of new spell effects added to the...

November 10, 2017

Fairly calm week on our side, as we took a few days off early in the week to recover from the intense Kickstarter experience!

Our artist did manage to wrap up the front frame of our first boss monster, although it's not yet animated. It would probably be a spoiler if we showed him fully, so here's the teaser version!

Other than that, we're still waiting on Kickstarter to wrap up the process so we can send our backers surveys and get started on those custom portraits, encounters, classes and boss monster. We expect that to get done early in the coming week actually, so not much longer!

Thanks everyone!

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