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May 25, 2018

We're back on the updates wagon! We missed our update last week as we had to take a trip to Canada for family reasons, but we're right back at it this week. :)

On with the progress report:

New world map sketch:

Our current world map has always been a temporary thing. We're finally done setting the boundaries of the world and the story, so we're getting ready for the new world map. Here's the preliminary sketch of what it'll look like:

 The new worldmap will be quite a bit bigger than the old one!

New Map Sketch:

We've also started work on our next map. Here's the sketch for our 2nd Canyon map, Iirzkt'ara Gorge, an area that's part of the Bzil terri...

May 11, 2018

Lots of progress this week! First, we have a new map ready. This one is actually inserted before the current "last battle" in the demo (the one inside the temple) and is the outside of said temple. We wanted a little more content before that fight and there's a story scene we wanted to add in, so we created this map. Looks pretty good :)

We have lot of new spells in this week, primarily, most of the gadgets for our gadgeteer class are now done and we added them to the game. We also have a few new abilities for the story classes, including Corrupted Blade (an attack for the Demon Knight class):

Finally, we have a few new portraits:

On the program...

May 4, 2018

This week, we released our latest Beta Backer build on Monday, and then took it a little easy for the rest of the week, as it was the birthday of our artist. I made her cake and we visited stuff in the area. Good times :)

We do have a new map ready:

And we have a few new portraits and spells almost completed. Otherwise, we started on the next story event and hot fixed a few bugs that the Beta backers found in the latest build.

We're hoping to release an updated version of our free demo next week and otherwise press on and finish more story maps :)

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