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June 8, 2018

We have a fairly short update this week. Mainly, we have a new map, with quite the different style to our previous ones:

Otherwise, we've been spending the whole week adding new monsters abilities to the engine. Most of them function quite differently from our previous abilities, so it's a lot of new code and testing to make sure it's all working as intended. I think we added the full set of abilities for about 8 monsters this week, so it's a lot of new and different stuff!

As a fun programmer fact, with all the new monster passives we added, I had to increase the size of the 2 enums flags I had been using to store passives information from 32b...

June 1, 2018

Big week this week, since it's the start of a new month and that's when we release our new Beta build!

The latest build has 4 more story battles, 4 more patrol battles added and a whole lot of extra polish, including new spells, new enemies, bug fixes, etc. It'll be released at some point today (we're on the final tests and tweaks right now).

The new build also features our brand new world map. We're still adding animated details to it, but it's already looking awesome we think!

We also added a bunch of new beard options and a few hats. Here's a sample of the new stuff we added:

The full patch notes for the new build should be available on our St...

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