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August 31, 2018

We're finally back from Germany. We stayed a little longer after Gamescom to visit the area and meet some European devs we know. It was a lot of fun! Very beautiful country and some impressive sights!

Here are some highlights from Gamescom:

Hard to see on the picture, but that's the "Fell Brew", our very own Czech Fell Seal light beer ^^

This is how happy one gets after the merest sip of the Fell Seal "Energy Drink"!

This doesn't do justice to how IMMENSE the venue was! 6 different giant pavilions if I'm not mistaken!

And some of the highlights of Germany itself:

 German fashion.

 More German fashion.

Crazy awesome looking cathedral called, for...

August 17, 2018

Early Access

For anyone that might have missed it, we just launched our Steam Early Access yesterday! That marks another big milestone in the development of Fell Seal!

We've been truly amazed by the high quality of feedback we've gotten so far from our Beta Backers, and we're hoping the Early Access will open the doors to even more feedback from the community, to help us make sure Fell Seal is the amazing game it deserves to be.

You can give our Steam Page a look right here.

We're hoping to start directing all feedback and comments to our Steam forum so it's all grouped in one convenient location!


Next, we'd like to remind everyone that we...

August 10, 2018

We're still hard at work adding polish to the current build.

We've been adding ambient sprites and sounds to most maps, updating items, maps and classes descriptions, fine tuning abilities and revamping dialogues. It's really shaping up!

We've also added a new UI element to our main menu, which puts an icon next to any character that has enough banked AP to purchase new abilities. The quick visual indicator should cut down on the amount of menu-ing the player has to do in between battles to make sure their troops are "up-to-date". It's a small addition, but we think the quality-of-life improvement it brings is actually pretty awesome.

We're also...

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