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September 28, 2018

Hello everyone!

This week we released another build, packed with a lot of QoL changes from community feedback, including the much anticipated option to change the spell animation speed and the walking animation speed. The build has an extensive list of QoL, UI and modding features upgrades and additions! You can view the full change log right here.

We've started working on the next update and this time we're focusing on balance. We have lots of changes planned for many human classes, including the Fell Blade, ScoundrelSorcerer and Gadgeteer. We also have a huge update pass to the numbers of almost all monster classes to improve on their...

September 21, 2018

Another big week for us. We put out another Early Access build this week, in part to fix an issue for Turkish users and to get a few new features out, the biggest one being a fan request for a system to reset your character to level 1, so you can redo their stats growth if you're agonizing over previous choices. It's definitely not something that'll be required in the normal game flow for most players, but there was a high enthusiasm for the feature from the Steam community, so we brought it in. :)

For the rest of the week, we've been working on more improvements from fan feedback, including a system to "speed up spell effects in combat", some...

September 14, 2018

We just uploaded our first big content update on our Steam Early Access build. It's loaded with a LOT of new stuff. You can see the full change notes right here!

Progress Report:

We've mostly been working on getting the newest build ready this week, so: bug fixing, testing, wrapping up new systems, etc.
We added a 2nd set of Key mappings for Keyboard/Mouse users, redid the way the gamepad/keyboard system works (you can now switch input sources on the fly), added new individual volume sliders for UI/Ambient sounds and redid the way the music dims during spell effects to be a lot smoother.

We wrapped up a new system to show treasures/gatherables...

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