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February 22, 2019

We're not putting up a new build this week, but focusing on getting everything done. We have a big QA pass starting early this week, so we have to get just about everything done on time for it in terms of content. It's been a mad rush.

We got the credits section done and one of the 2 endings created. We  have only 2 visual effects left to create and we finished creating Reiner's special class (which was the last class missing). 
We also added another 2 dozen sounds effects (we're up to something like 400 SFX. That's pretty scary) and we're nearly done with those.

The final localization has also been done, which means 100% of the game...

February 15, 2019

Our latest build (you can check the notes right here) takes the story almost to the final battle, so most of the core content is ready!

We're mainly missing optional content, in the form of 4 special battles, a few cutscenes, a secret character, another Tournament, some secret loot and enemies and a special 7 maps end-game dungeon.

Well, I guess that's quite a bit of content that's still missing, come to think of it!

All the maps and the design for the above content are ready and we're missing the cutscenes and the encounters for most of them. We're working on it though and we're on schedule. There certainly won't be any vacation for us for th...

February 8, 2019

We released another small update this week, adding some sounds, localized Help compendium and some balance tweaks. You can see the full notes right here.

Progress Report:

This week we've been working on wrapping up all cutscenes. We're missing 7 right now, so almost done with those!

We've also been focusing on wrapping up all texts fully, as we've been adding a few new texts while creating the last cutscenes. We have 1 last localization pass to handle those new additions and then everything should be fully localized.

We also got the intro movie subtitles created and those are ready to go. They should be in next week's build.

Finally, we're a...

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