This quilled guardian faithfully defends its packmates, even in the face of insurmountable odds.

Signature Ability: Counter Thorns


A raging armored insect. Normally a slow, lumbering beast... until it charges.

Signature Ability: Siege Ram

Polar Bulldrake

This lazy beast is mostly concerned with being comfortable. Unfortunately, its idea of comfort is a frozen wasteland, and it won't hesitate to use its frosty breath to glaciate everything and everyone nearby. 

Signature Ability: Element Breath


A distant relative of dragons, this swift creature steals magical energy from others and uses it against them.

Signature Ability: Zohl Beam


A hyperactive creature that moves by bouncing on its tail. This frees up all of its limbs for attacking, making it deadly in close combat. 

Signature ability: Sneak Attack


Even the kindest naturalist doesn't have much good to say about these foul, sadistic kleptomaniacs. They have been known to steal and eat anything that isn't nailed down (including the occasional adventurer).

Signature ability: Poison


A living mortar, this giant immobile demon can fire an incinerating barrage from great distances. But there's a delay between when the barrage is fired and when it makes landfall, so targets would be well advised to get out of the way (or, if they're clever, even push enemies into the drop zone).


Individually weak, these goblin-like creatures find strength in numbers.

Signature ability: Swarm Strike

A hulking troll-like creature that is never seen without its bindle stick. Who knows what's in the bag, but whatever it is, it doesn't smell too good...

Signature ability: Whirling Blow

Fierce and wild, these graceful beasts protect the forest and all its denizens. 

Signature ability: Holy Chant


Well-armored and territorial, these burrowing beasts are crisscrossed with scars from past battles.

Signature ability: Tail Flail


A ravenous flame demon with an insatiable appetite for destruction.

Signature ability: Firescourge, Pick Off


An animated corpse forced back to life by dark magic. 

Signature ability: Fetid Touch


Magical creatures embodying the elements. 

Signature ability: Element I


A legendary bird of rebirth and renewal.

Signature ability: Holy Bolt


An insidious demon that destroys its victims from within by haunting their dreams. 

Signature ability: Phantasm, Dark I

A member of the demonic nobility caste that spreads corruption to everything around it.

Signature ability: Vilerot


Called the "Forest Flute", this bird's sonic assaults leave its victims' ears ringing for days afterwards.

Signature ability: Ultrasonic Hammer


A demon swathed in blades that revels in the hunt. 

Signature ability: Barbed Blades


Said to have been created by a mad mage, this absurd blowfish/bee hybrid is mischievous and elusive.

Signature ability: Final Sting, Mirage


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