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Fell Friday Update #1

Starting today, we'll be posting updates for the week every Friday, under the very catchy label: Fell Friday!

The code for the game is about 90-95% done at this point, so currently, our main focus is creating assets for the game, primarily in the portraits, character design and maps part of the game. Here's what we've got done this week:


A bunch of new portraits for players to choose from when creating/editing their custom characters!

We also have a new finalized map, the Relic Temple, where some important story scenes will happen. We won't be showing too many of our maps in these posts though, as that would be some fairly major spoilers.

We finally have our first official character design done. The design is for Yates, a doctor who happens to also dabble with dark necromantic powers. He's the sarcastic and witty type (not unlike a certain someone on our team. Minus the necromancy part.).


We've also been hard at work on our upcoming kickstarter page and preparing for a few events we plan on attending to showcase the game, so it's been a fairly intense week (as always >.<).

Other than that, we have some fairly exciting developments about which platforms we intend to release on, but we're going to have to wait a few more weeks before that solidifies into certain news, so stay tuned for updates!

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