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Fell Friday Update #2

We've been hard at work on art assets this week!

We have a new bunch of portraits, including our first monster portraits, the Rakkerjak:


We've been working on a special large 2x2 tiles monster, but it's not quite finished yet. Here's a little preview:


He's not very friendly...

We also have a bunch of new spell effects, but those haven't been loaded into the game yet, as I've been busy working on our Kickstarter page and some other initiatives (we'll have more news when things are more concrete ^^). We'll showcase a few of the new spells in next week's update (can't reveal ALL of them, otherwise there won't be any surprises when the game's out ;) ).

Lastly, not all news is good this week.

Earlier this year, we applied for PAX West through the Indie Megabooth, but we finally heard from them and they decided not to include us in their lineup after all.

It's a bit unfortunate the results took so long to come in that it's too late to explore other alternatives by now, so we probably won't be making it to PAX West this year :-T

On a more positive note: we'll be giving a quick presentation about Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark on Thursday, August 3rd at the Melrose Center in Orlando under the banner of the Indienomicon (that's an awesome name ^^).

We'll post a reminder on the blog when we're closer to the event :)

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