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Fell Friday Update #4

Slower week than usual this week in terms of raw output, as we spent some time preparing a presentation we gave to a small crowd of people yesterday and I've been spending time setting up our new Xbox One devkits (still not finished either >.<). We should have a basic build running next week if all goes well!

The presentation we gave for the Indienomicon at the Melrose Center in Orlando went well and everyone was friendly and enthusiastic! It was our first time attending the event and we were impressed by how helpful the organizers were and how crazy knowledgeable the attendees were (there were definitely specialists in programming, graphics and tactical RPGs in that crowd!). It was a lot of fun and we got to showcase our game's demo for the very first time!

We got some very positive feedback and also received some good input on specific questions we had for the fans (like on our idle animation, which still seems to be popular with old-school tactics fan, but somewhat confusing to players new to the genre. We're going to have to keep an eye on that one >.<).

I believe they filmed the event, but I don't think they put the video up yet. I'll link it when they do, if anyone is interested :)

Other than that, our artists are still hard at work on more outfits, portraits and spells and we have a new character concept to show, with the accompanying sprite.

Anadine, an apprentice Arbiter under the protagonist's care and tutelage:

Lastly, we've finally decided on our Kickstarter date! It will be September 26th, 2017. We're going to start announcing it next week over social medias and we'll have a post dedicated to it, along with a few other exciting announcements. Stay tuned ^^

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