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Fell Friday Update #5 - Art and Announcements!

A fairly productive week for the team! We have a new map, new spells, our official game art (for our steam page, etc), some concept art and a pile of announcements!

Not going to be showing the map (we're still really afraid of ruining the experience if we show all the maps in advance, but maybe that's just a silly fear... feel free to let us know what you think :)) and I'll end up showcasing the spells on our twitter feed eventually, so let's start with the concept art.

This is Kyrie, our story's protagonist. She's in her early 30s and serves as a Captain in the Arbiters. She has a strong sense of justice, but is not very patient and is likely to deal with wrong-doers in the most drastic way allowed by the law if she's pushed even a little too far.

Functionally, she's a well rounded character with solid starting attack, magic and defense scores, so you're free to grow her into any kind of character you really want.

(Don't get the Arbiter angry. You won't like her when she's angry!)

These are the sketches that lead to the final render:

(concept art by Rio Sabda)

The sprite version of Kyrie isn't ready yet, but it should be next week!

Last week I mentioned we gave a quick presentation of the game to a great and enthusiastic crowd, for an Indienomicon event and that I'd have a video of it at some point. Here's the video (filmed and encoded by the nice people of the Indienomicon team!):

Finally, I mentioned we had announcements... So here's our upcoming schedule for the near future:

August 19-20th: We will be at OrlandoIX with our own booth in the indie section of the expo. Please come and meet us and test out the game! :)

August 23rd: We will be releasing a free demo version of Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark on Gamejolt and Our main goal is to get feedback from you guys, so we can make the game even better! So, please, give us all the comments and feedback you can. :)

September 26th: We will be launching our Kickstarter campaign. For the campaign, we'll be revealing some content we've been saving for the occasion, as well as many exciting stretch-goals! Other than continued feedback about what to improve in the game, this is where everyone's support can make the biggest impact for us.

We'll be looking forward to implementing as many stretch-goals as the fans want as well as giving an increased voice to our backers through backers-only surveys and votes.

Stay tuned, as we'll post more updates about this as the date gets closer!

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