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Fell Friday Update #6 - New art and more!

Hey everyone :)

Big week for the team once again, especially with our first event coming this weekend at OrlandoiX!

First, we now have our game cover promotional art (for the Steam page, etc). Here goes:

Next, in case you missed it, we announced we'd be launching our Kickstarter on September 26th! We could use everyone's help to spread the word about the Kickstarter. With your support, we can greatly increase our chances of success with the Kickstarter, which will make sure we can deliver on all the features, quality and polish we want to bring to Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark!

To support us, please join our Thunderclap campaign here:

Thanks! :)

We now have Kyrie's Sprite to go with the concept art. First, here's a collage of some of her concept art that became a poster we'll be showing at OrlandoiX:

And now for the sprite:

Other than that, we've been wrapping up our demo and our booth arrangements for OrlandoiX. We'll have some pictures of the event in the next update, including our (pretty awesome I think!) banners :)

I don't think I've ever mentioned it in the updates before, but if people are more interested in a dev log type of update, we have a thread on TIGSource where we have been posting design, graphics and programming logs about the game for a while now. Check it out here:

As always, feel free to reach out with comments and suggestions!

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