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Fell Friday Update #7 - Demo is out!

Very busy week for the team! First, we released our demo out into the wild on Wednesday, after integrating a lot of the feedback we got during last weekend's OrlandoiX event (the tutorials should be clearer, the deployment phase easier to understand, some bug fixes and some quality of life changes,etc. ). Big "thank you!" to everyone that shared their feedback with us!

The demo is available on Game Jolt, and Here are the links for each:

The demo is for Windows currently, but we have a Mac version that works, but has a few constraints in the install process. We also have a Linux version, but it's not yet been tested. We'll look at getting those out next week.

We've already gotten some more feedback from the demo and we've been spending time integrating it into the game in the past days as well.

As usual, we have some new art this week, including a new portrait and some early concept art for a cute monster:

Vicious undead harpy. Oh my! (art by Marcello Batisti)

Enter the Kawa! Our artist couldn't quite decide between cute and vicious for this one...

Lastly, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention a game we got to see during OrlandoiX last weekend called Depth of Extinction by Hof Studios. It's a sci-fi strategy RPG that feels a lot like the glorious old-school Fallout 1, 2 and X-Com games. Fun and challenging! We recommend checking out their site:

That's it for this week, but rest assured there will be more big announcements next week!

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