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Fell Friday Update #11 - Kickstarter and Portraits

Hello everyone!

This week we've been frantically doing our best to wrap up our Kickstarter on time for September 26th. While it's been very exciting, it's also been fairly scary, as we're new to this Kickstarter business. But we've been very lucky to get a lot of feedback and suggestions from friends and fans alike and we think it's looking awesome! We're very excited for it to go live this coming Tuesday and we can't wait for everyone to check out all the hard work we've been putting into it! :)

While our main artist has been busy all week with Kickstarter preparations, we still couldn't have a Fell Friday without showing you guys some new stuff! As it happens, we just received this morning another batch of portraits, fresh off the pixel presses, this time made by the talented John Silva:

Portraits by John Silva

Also, this is probably the last opportunity to help us spread the word on social medias about the Kickstarter with our Thunderclap for anyone that's been thinking about it, but haven't yet pulled the trigger. Here's the link:

Thanks everyone and we hope to see you in the comments section of our Kickstarter on Tuesday!

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