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Fell Friday #19 - New spells, bug fixes

Slightly belated update for Fell Friday! Big news this week is that we finally sent all our Kickstarter backer surveys. We can't wait to start gathering everyone's names, portraits and materials for the game! It's pretty exciting! :)

Otherwise, I've been working on bugs for most of the week, as well as integrating feedback we've gotten from the fans during our Kickstarter campaign. We have some improvements to input around the mouse, keyboard and gamepad in the works. Our artist is working on the back frames of the boss monster we showed last week (nothing complete enough to show yet though) and we have a lot of new spell effects added to the game. Here's the very last one we wrapped up yesterday:

Next week should be a continuation of that work (more spells, more bug fixes, more work on the boss monster) and hopefully we'll also get to the key-remapping screen, which is one of the largest feature currently still fully missing from the game.


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