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Fell Friday #23 - Portraits, more bug fixing and menu update

This week, we've been focusing on bug fixing and on some odds and ends and polish. We've updated a few menus to convey a little more information and make them cleaner. Notably, the "set abilities" menu now makes it clearer which abilities come from your main class and which you can manually set up and you can also browse the abilities of any class you're looking at.

We've also added more tutorial tool tips for the first time you browse some of the menus and we're still adding more of those, to make sure things are more obvious to new players.

We now have the final sprites for all the battle weapon sprites ready, although we still need to add those to the game's data. That should be done fairly soon and we'll be showcasing them as soon as we can. We have some new portraits and we've been working on a new map, which is nearly complete. Here are some of the new portraits:

Otherwise, we've been focusing on doing the final pass on our story. As soon as that final story polish/cleanup pass is done, we'll be able to start adding more story events to the current build and we should quickly start having a lot of story maps ready, which is what we're mainly missing for our first Beta Backer build, sometime in January. From there, more assets and a lot of testing/balancing is what we'll be looking at to begin wrapping things up. Stay tuned! :)

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