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Fell Friday #24 - Lots of progress!

Hello everyone! :)

We've had a big week again on progress. More bug fixes and a lot of new assets.

We have the final complete sprite for the Blardger monster we showcased before:

This guy is already a favorite of ours, he's looking pretty awesome!

We got another new map, and we also added integrated a lot of our recent maps art to the game (creating their grid, events, etc).

We've also finished updating the current story events to use the new story characters and their custom frames (although the story events are still not fully finished yet, as we'll need a pass to add a lot of sound effects and dialogue portraits expressions to them).

We have some new outfits for the sprites as well and I believe we're done with all the male outfits (other than adding their new Idle animation frames). We're still missing 4 female outfits.

Here's our latest male outfit:

Finally, we just updated our demo build to include all the bug fixes, the new key remapping menu, the story character sprites, latest art assets, and updated cutscenes.

It's version 0.1.2 and it's out on our page.

A quick reminder that you can always reach us on our Discord server if you have questions or comments!

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