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Fell Friday Update #29

We're a day late on our update as we forgot about it in the mad rush to get our first official beta build ready. It should go out in just 2 days from now!

As you can guess, we're been incredibly busy this week. We're trying to cram as much content as possible in the beta build and to start balancing items/abilities/encounter/etc more thoroughly (still needs some work in that area!).

On the programming side, we've focused on getting more cutscenes created this week and as new assets come in for our story actors, we're also backtracking and updating previous cutscenes with the new frames, etc. Things are shaping up nicely and we're happy about the general look of the events!

On the art side, we have a lot of new assets. We have some new portraits, all created from pictures from our awesome Portrayer and Merchant Backers on Kickstarter (thanks everyone!):

We also have some new spells, including this one:

On her side, our main artist has been focusing on creating all sorts of assets we're missing for our cutscenes and adding a lot of new poses and expressions for sprites. Here's what the Council of Immortals is looking like right now (although a lot of these assets are still in the process of getting finalized, it still gives a good idea):

Now, most of these people are NOT supposed to be bald, but they're still in progress ^^

We have plenty of new story events and battle maps ready as well, and we're mainly working on putting the final balancing touches to them. It's still a first pass in that respect and we're hoping our beta backers will be as excited as we are about the game and be willing to share their thoughts and feedback on the new build, especially on the balancing front!

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