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Fell Friday Update #30 - Idle Animations, New Portraits, New Map

We ended up skipping our update last week as we went out on a trip for a bit. We just had time to wrap up the beta build before we had to depart.

Since we've been back, we've been focusing on integrating the incredible feedback from all our awesome Beta Backers. A big thank you to everyone!

The list of tweaks is quite long, so we'll focus on the highlights for now: we added rotating autosaves (default amount of slots is 3) so that you won't lock yourself in a series of battle without a prior backup. We fixed a nasty softlock that was occuring under rare circumstances, cleaned up some of our spells descriptions, added more tutorial tooltips, added some requested menu options and fixed various miscellaneous issues. We also fixed the mouse being weird on the worldmap on resolutions smaller than 1080.

And we finished adding the new idle animations :)

We're still missing a few monsters, but all humans are done and most monsters as well.

We also have a new map:

This one is called the Grand Halls and you can expect a big battle in there!

And we have some new portraits, all created in the likeness of our incredible backers:

We have a few new spells ready as well, but they've not been added to the game yet. That should be done by next week.

Thanks again to all the fans!

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