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Fell Friday #35 - New portraits, new spells

First things first! We want to announce officially that we'll be at PAX East 2018. We'd love to meet the fans face to face, so feel absolutely free to drop by our booth! :)

Otherwise, busy week as usual. On the art side, we have some more new portraits and some new spells. Our artist mostly handled multiple small odds and ends this week, like adding missing sprite frames and finalizing others. The council is looking livelier than ever now with proper sprites for all its members!

And here's some of the new portraits (we have a few more, but those would be massive story spoilers, haha!)

And lastly, one of our new spells, used by the necromancers of this world to bring forth their dark doings:

Oh, incidentally, that spell is being used on a story character we showcased a few weeks ago (the Bounty Huntress). Her sprite is now finished as well!

We're hoping to release a new "experimental beta build" over the weekend with some added game mechanics and such. As usual, the full list of changes will be on our Steam page right after we release the new build, but a quick summary:

- New AI style "hybrid fighter/mage" as well as new AI behavior "Focus Fire".

- Lots of new spells visuals and lots of updates to existing ones.

- Updating our error logging system to be more robust.

- Adding a small lore entry and level range to each patrol

- Showing "tiles of interest" in game (such as treasures, climbable ladders, etc) during troops placement and while pressing the details button.

- Implementing stealing, loot drops and poaching and putting all of the controls in the "moddable .txt" file. We're still working on the loot tables though, so the current drops won't be what they should be.

That rounds things up for this week!

As usual, everyone is invited to check out our Discord to give us feedback or ask us any questions (preferably about the game, but we'll answer anything ^^).

And feel free to wishlist us on Steam as well, it always helps!


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