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Fell Friday #37 - New spells

Last reminder about our imminent visit to PAX East! Come check out the game at our booth! :)

We'll also be missing next Friday's update because we'll be at PAX.

As for progress this week, it's actually been fairly slow. We're getting some last minute polish on the build we'll be showcasing and we ended up taking 2 days off (to make sure we're top shape for PAX).

We have a few new spell effects mainly and we've been working on improving some of the existing ones as well:

Otherwise, we've wrapped up another story cutscene and added our first playable "story class", the Anatomist. We're not going to reveal much about it to prevent spoilers, but it's a pretty versatile class we think!

We've also updated the cost of all weapons, armors and accessories, since most of them still had dummy values. And we added a "start of battle" effect to the world map:

That's mostly it for this week!

If you haven't already, follow us on Twitter for some weekly screenshots and updates! (We've recently changed our Twitter address due to Twitter being an unsavory lot, so if you used to follow us, our new account is: @6EyesStudioLLC).

Thanks! And we can't wait to see everyone at PAX East!

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