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Fell Friday #38 - New map, PAX aftermath

PAX East is finally over! It was a lot of fun, but 4 days in a row was certainly challenging.

We had a great time though and we got to meet a lot of other devs and a fair amount of medias and fans. It was our biggest event so far and we have to admit: it was an impressive venue!

We'd like to personally thank all the fans that met us in person during the event: it was awesome seeing you guys and thanks so much for checking on us! :)

We finally got to see our new trailer at PAX (our publisher has been handling creating it for us from a bunch of footage we sent them) and we thought it looked pretty good! Way better than the old one, that's for certain! There's still a few details we'll want polished in it, but for those that didn't get a chance to see it at PAX East, here's a link (we'll add it to our own youtube channel soon).

New Fell Seal trailer:

Progress Report

As far as progress is concerned, it's been a bit slow since we spent so much time at PAX and preparing for it.

We did wrap up yet another new map though:

Awesome looking, but a little scary, haha.

Otherwise, we've been focusing on polish mainly before PAX (spells, dialogue, tutorials, etc) and on integrating feedback from the event since then.

The feedback we got at PAX was extremely positive in general! We did find a few "pain points" to clean up though, especially in early tutorials. We're going to try to shorten the amount of text on tutorials in general and add a few more to clarify some of the basic systems and mechanics early on.

We also updated some UI elements, tooltips, various dialogues and tweaked the balance of a few abilities. We also fixed some AI odd behavior and added some new keys to the worldmap navigation: L/R keys will now move the cursor automatically to the previous/next node on the worldmap, which was something a lot of PAX fans asked for.

Thanks again for everyone's support! :)

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