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Fell Friday #39 - New monster

The post PAX work has finally died down and we've been hard at work, business as usual.

We have a new monster this week. The Pectite, a deceptively friendly looking little guy that packs a powerful magical punch.

In actuality, we have four of them, one for each primary element in the game. They all have different colors and different styles, commanding their own element to big effect.

We've also been adding more spells to the game and we're about 90% done with getting the first version of each spell in. Although, we are planning more "polish" phases to make sure the spells are as impressive and exciting as we want them to be.

This is one of the Gambler's abilities, that extends the duration of all debuffs on targets in the area.

On the coding side, we've been getting a lot of new story content created this week, with a few new events added to the game. We've decided to release the next demo at the end of the month to reset our schedule to the usual monthly "big build". From there, we should be able to resume our previous schedule and pace, at least until Gamescom.

We've also integrated Google Analytics to the game this week. We're using it to track anonymous data about map outcomes, such as victories, defeats, team composition, skills usage, death counts, etc. We think it'll be invaluable to help us balance maps and abilities, especially with our hope of creating both a "normal" and "hard mode" setting for the game.

Otherwise, small bug fixes and another batch of improvements deriving from PAX feedback.

Lastly, while our release date is still a ways off, we're definitely thinking about it and what we can do to improve our chances. Anyone that wants to give us a hand, here's some links to things that can really help us get the word out there:

Thanks again for all the support!

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