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Fell Friday #40 - New monster, polish

We've been working hard to prepare for the upcoming beta build, which should be on Monday. We're also planning on updating our free demo with a more recent build, since we have about 6 months worth of improvements and fixes by now! That should be next week as well.

This week, we've focused on polish for the upcoming build: updating portraits, spells visuals and numerical values and a bunch of other tweaks left and right. We also added 3 new story classes, which we won't go into details about, since it would involve big spoilers (but they'll be in the beta build, so you can check them out soon).

We also a new monster to showcase, the malcubus:

This upcoming beta build was a bit delayed, but it does have the longest list of changes and additions yet! We hope everyone will like it and we're very eager to hear everyone's feedback, especially centered around balance (we made a lot of balancing changes).

Lastly, we're not going to release a "mid month" experimental beta build in May. Due to a death in the family, we're going to have to fly back to Canada in the middle of May and it's going to prevent us from delivering on that beta build.

Thanks again for the support!

p.s. We updated our Steam page with new screenshots and our new trailer, so give it a look when you get a chance! :)

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