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Fell Friday #42 - New map

Lots of progress this week! First, we have a new map ready. This one is actually inserted before the current "last battle" in the demo (the one inside the temple) and is the outside of said temple. We wanted a little more content before that fight and there's a story scene we wanted to add in, so we created this map. Looks pretty good :)

We have lot of new spells in this week, primarily, most of the gadgets for our gadgeteer class are now done and we added them to the game. We also have a few new abilities for the story classes, including Corrupted Blade (an attack for the Demon Knight class):

Finally, we have a few new portraits:

On the programming side, we added a few new spells and mainly focused on new story cutscenes (those are scripted by our programmer). We have 2 new story battle/cutscenes and making good time!

That's mostly it for this week. Oh, anyone that hasn't given a look at Pillars of Eternity 2 from our friends at Obsidian, check it out, it's a lot of fun (our programmer's a big fan!).

Lastly, we might miss next week's update, as we'll be on a trip to Canada to attend the funeral of a family member.


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