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Fell Friday Update #46 - New map, new monsters

We have lots of new progress to report this week!

First, we have a new map. This one is set in a desert/mountain area and has a pretty different vibe than our previous maps. There should be a pretty big battle on there :)

Next, we have a new completed monster, the Harvester. As usual, expect him to be friendly and compassionate. Yup.

And finally, we have our next big boss in the works, although that's still very much a WIP at this point!

That's the bulk of the new things on the art front.

In terms of programming, we've been working on the next story cutscene, fixing some bugs and updating some game mechanics.

We also finished the system where new recruits start with some AP, based on the total AP your team already has (there's been a lot of Beta Backers enthusiasm for that specific feature!).

Lastly, we started working on our sound effects list. We're planning 2 passes on that front, for a total of about 150 sounds (maybe a little more). Right now we have about a 100 planned and we're going to commission them probably late next week. We'll add them to the build as they come in, but we think they should be finished in August. After that, we'll start on the final pass to wrap it all up. We're very excited about getting awesome sounds going for all our spells and such!

That's it for this week. Thanks again for the support everyone!

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