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Fell Friday #47 - Bzil race added, new concept art

We have a lot of new things in the works this week!

First, we have some new concept art, which should be used for posters and t-shirts for our booth at Gamescom. It should also be part of our game intro, which is just getting started. We're going for a story sequence shown in animated 2D panels. Something akin to Darkest Dungeon's intro, for example. It should be pretty awesome when it's ready!

Other than that, we've been working on our sound effects plan a little more and focusing on adding the Bzil race to the game. We now have Bzils fully working in the game, from spawning enemy units, to handling your own, including learning their special abilities and monster classes. Here's what the class selection looks like in the UI:

Black sprites show classes you don't have access to yet. Grey ones are those you have partially unlocked and the regular ones are classes you have access to.

Bzils have access to all the monster classes in the game (except bosses) and can select a main class and a sub class the same way humans select theirs, but they are taken from monster classes instead. Monsters tend to have access to less active abilities than humans do, but they tend to have their own special mechanics, which you will now have access to with your Bzil character.

To unlock new classes, a Bzil must be present in battle on your team and after monsters are defeated (by anyone), your Bzil will recover some of their essence. When enough essence has been collected, the class becomes accessible. From there, you can select their class, passives, counters, etc, the same way you do for humans.

That's it for this week!

Thanks again for the support!

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