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Fell Friday #49 - New maps

First, we have a new cover image for Fell Seal! Our Steam page has been updated with the new art and we're still updating other pages left and right. We should be done with that this weekend. Here's the new art:

Rio Sabda is our awesome artist on this one!

This week we've been focusing on the upcoming story battles primarily, and it involves a big boss battle. I've spent the last 2 days writing a custom AI and scripts for this boss fight and it should be done over the weekend. If we get the boss sprite done next week, I'll be able to wrap it up and start showing some screenshots :)

For now, we have the map where the battle happens finished, so here it is:

The map is fairly small to enforce specific mechanics during the fight. It'll all become clear when you fight in there!

Lastly, we have another map ready (it's been ready for a bit, but I think I forgot to showcase it somehow), so here it is (it was released in our last build last weekend):

That's it for this week!

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