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Fell Friday #53 - New Beta Backer build

We got a lot done this week, but we don't have many screenshots to showcase.

We released our monthly Beta Backers Build yesterday and it's packed with updates.

As usual, you can see the exact changelog on our Steam page, but here are some of the highlights:

- Added over 90 new sound effects to the game.

- Redid all drops, loot, stealeables, poachables and crafting ingredients.

- Updated all treasures and all map rewards.

- Updated all crafting recipes and added a lot of missing ones.

- Updated all shops list.

In a nutshell, the playing experience should be a lot closer to the final version we're envisioning with these changes, as obtaining loot is now properly exciting. There's a lot of cool things that can be crafted, including powerful equipment, accessories and "badges" that give access to some of our secret classes (2 out of 6 of those are included in the last build, although you'll have get a little lucky to obtain them).

We've spent the week mainly on polish and bug fixes, so not too many screenshots to show for it, but here's a quick screenshot of the worldmap with some added effects:

Lastly, we wanted to remind everyone that we'll be at Gamescom 2018 on August 21-25. If you're in the area, drop by our booth! We'll have some free goodies, as well as the latest build of Fell Seal, including our newest boss battle!

Thanks for the support everyone!

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