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Fell Friday #61 - New build (balance update!), new art

Hey :)

We just put up another update to our Early Access build, this time focusing on some big balance changes. There's a LOT of big changes, so it'd be best to check out the new build notes at the source.

That's what we've been working on this week, as well as the first draft for our Difficulty Settings system, which will give the player a lot of control over various settings to create their own custom difficulty (on top of the usual Easy, Normal and Hard presets).

On the art front, we've been hard at work as well! Our game intro movie is nearly complete and we should showcase it fairly soon. Otherwise, new maps, new spells, etc.

Here's the latest map we've added:

And the final in-game version of the giant Dragon spell we showcased a bit ago:

That's the highlights for this week! :)

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