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Fell Friday #62 - New build (new content!), Intro video.

We just pushed a new build to our Steam Early Access page. It has a lot of new content, including 4 new story battles, a bunch of new patrols and an Intro video for the game. As usual, you can see the full details of the update on our steam page.

So, we now have an Intro video for the game and it's looking pretty awesome! You can see it in-game if you start a new game. We'll be updating our free demo a little later today, so you'll be able to see it there if you're not in on the Early Access version.

We'll also upload it on youtube, but i'll be in a bit: it still has a placeholder music and it's missing the Voice Over that we're planning for the narration.

On the progress side, we've been hard at work creating new content, new maps and new art. We've just added a shield sprite to the idle frames of any characters wearing a shield in combat, as well as some special sprites for Bzils to show their main class in combat. Here's what it looks like in game:

That's what we have for this week! We'll be focusing on creating new content for a while from now on, although we should have more balance updates in a little bit.

Thanks again for everyone's support!

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