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Fell Friday #64 - Halloween update

We just released build 0.4.2 on Steam's Early Access. It has a new Halloween themed encounter that should prove challenging! Oh, and offer a special reward, of course. Full notes can be found right here.


There isn't a whole lot of new things to report this week. We're still focusing on getting all our dialogues fully written so we can have a big review of them and then start the localization process. We're focusing on new maps, story events and dialogues right now and this will remain the case for a while still.

We have a few new maps for optional content in the works, like this one:

In terms of new art, we have another spell for the Vessel class and this is what it looks like:

Lastly, we have a bunch of Halloween themed assets that we've been creating recently and those should all be part of the Halloween encounter we're adding in this update. Here's some nifty art one of our contracted artists made to celebrate Halloween:

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