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Fell Friday #66 - Free Play Florida, Progress Report


We'll be at Free Play Florida later today and over the week-end. If you're in the area, come say hello!

Progress Report:

We've been busy wrapping up our dialogues, so we have only a small update this week.

The main addition is the Help Compendium. It has explanations on all the systems, tips for beginners and advanced tips.

Full notes on the latest build can be found right here.

On top of working on dialogues, we've also been working on new sounds, new maps and new abilities visuals. Here's some of them.

A new map that should be used for a secret optional dungeon:

A spell for a new enemy type that isn't in the game quite yet:

We've been working on new spells for one of our secret classes, so you should expect some cool visuals coming in soon! Also, we're almost done adding the Voice Over for our intro movie, so keep your eyes peeled for that one too. It's sounding pretty awesome with the VO! :)

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