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Fell Friday #69 - Updated Intro Movie

We just updated our Steam EA build. One of the main features is our updated Intro Movie, now with full Voice Over. It sounds really awesome!

The full notes of the new build can be found right here.

Progress Report

This week was our last week working on dialogues. All of the game's dialogues have been created, minus the ending, as we're still working out some details on that front. At this point though, we're pretty sure we'll have 2 possible endings.

Starting next week, we'll be splitting our time between console work, cutscenes and balance updates for the next month.

We've been getting a lot of good feedback on the Steam Forums, so we wanted to say a big Thank You to everyone that's taken the time to give us their feedback and suggestions! It's very appreciated.

We have a TON of balance changes we want to get in from all that feedback, but it's going to take a little bit before we can get it all in. Stay tuned :)

On the art front, we've been working on the "end game" maps (so we can't show them, too many spoilers) and new spell effects. We've started work on our next "big scale summon spell" too. Here's the basic sketch of it:

This one should be pretty epic when it's finished!

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