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Fell Friday #70 - Lots of Progress!

We've released a new build this week, focusing mainly on AI upgrades and balance changes.

We also significantly changed the way we handle assets, which brought the build size from 3.5GB to 1.5GB and should result in slightly faster load times for most users. Not bad :)

The full notes of the latest build can be found right here.

Fell Seal's Music:

Our composer, Jan Morgenstern, has been working on preparing the OST for the game. We're still not there yet, as there's still a few tracks missing, but it's getting there and sounding great. :) Check out this link for more details on the OST, including some free tracks!

Progress Report:

We finally finished our dialogues early this week! They should be final at this point, barring any problems. The localization process has just begun it and they should be ready within about a month. You can expect to see a lot of added languages early next year! This week, we've worked mostly on our Xbox One build. Most of the work is done, save for the achievements. Next will be the PS4 build and preparing for December's big content update. As soon as the console builds are taken care of, we'll start splitting our focus between creating the rest of the encounters and on a slew of UI/Balance updates that we've been preparing from all the great feedback we've been receiving. Again,a big "thank you" to everyone for the feedback and suggestions. It's going to help us tremendously getting it done right! On the art side, our maps are almost finished by now and our final tally should be 52 maps. Currently, we're working on finalizing our special classes spells and have started work on our next "summon" style spell. Here's a preview for it:

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