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Fell Friday #73 - AI Update

We hope everyone had great holidays and we wish everyone a great upcoming year!

We ended up taking a few days off during the holidays and didn't get an update out last week, sorry about that! We're fully back in operation again this week though!

We updated our Steam EA build with a big AI update. We redid a lot of the core workings of the AI to make it more flexible, more easily moddable and smarter.

Without getting into too many details, the AI should now favor the best course of action amongst all the things it could do, whereas before it would only look through a specific "set of things" (like "doing damage") before even considering other options (like "buffing allies").

The new AI uses weights for all these "sets of things", so the big melee fighters will still favor "kicking your face in" over "healing teammates" in general. But now, if it could land a 5-men Haste somehow, it might just do that rather than auto-attack your Knight.

The full notes can be found on this page right here!

Progress Report:

Even with the holiday season upon us, we've been pretty busy recently. We wrapped up the console ports a bit ago and then moved on finishing adding all the story cutscenes to the game. We've been working on adding the new "optional character events" to the game and those are coming along nicely. We should be able to have most of them in for the next big content update. Otherwise, we'd been planning on an AI system revamp for a while now and finally got to it during the holidays. The system will make the AI much more flexible and much easier to mod as well. It probably has a few kinks that need working out still, but it's already looking like a nice improvement :) On the art front, we're working on finishing all the missing visuals and sounds and while we haven't added that many to the build this week, we have a bunch of new ones getting added, including this cute little guy:

And this new spell that's still in the works (should be ready soon!):

We have a few more, but those are tied to the final boss, so we'll keep them under wraps until release. Once again, we hope everyone had fun holidays and we wish everyone a great upcoming year!

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