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Fell Friday #74 - Localization is done, new effects!

This week, we have our localization done!

We're adding French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and German to the game. Everything should be done except for the in-game manual and some rare newer abilities/changes which will show in English. There shouldn't be too many of those and they should be taken care of before the actual release, but with about 95% of the game translated, we thought it would be great to finally share it with everyone.

For this week's build full change log, you can check this page right here.

Progress Report:

We updated to Unity 2018.3 this week and it's by far the most trouble we've had with updating Unity so far. Strange changes to the XML serialization broke our save files and some of our data and performance in the editor seems degraded. We had to update to this new version for consoles, but all in all, not a very welcome update.

This week has been fairly hectic for us as we had to submit our current console builds for a big QA pass before we can send them to 1st parties. And there were a few surprise requirements we'd missed.

And of course, there were surprises from adding all those languages, especially centered around some them having very very long words where English has short and compact words, haha.

We didn't get as much time spent on preparing next week's content as we would have liked, truth be told, so it's going to be a very busy week next week to make sure we get all the features we want in next big update.

Here's a preview of Ippokampos, an effect we just wrapped up this week:

And here's an effect we're still working on that's part of an optional event that isn't fully done yet:

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