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Fell Friday #75 - Big content update!

Today, we're pushing our big monthly update! The first big chunk we're adding is the story character events. We're adding 6 of them, which is about half of the events we have planned. The other ones are all written, but not scripted yet. They should be in the next big update. The events are represented by an exclamation mark on nodes on the world map. Just walk to it, activate the node and you'll see an "event" option in the list of possible actions. Please note that 2 of the events added stop being available after a certain point in the story, so you might not be able to see those in your current save file. They are fairly early in the story though, so it should be easy to check them out. The next big chunk we're adding is 4 more story battles. Just like our last big build, those should be fairly challenging and we might need to be toned down. We'll be awaiting your feedback on this topic!

Progress Report:

The current build should speak for itself in terms of progress. We've been busy with character events and the new encounters. We managed to squeeze in a few balance tweaks from comments from the forums, especially centered around the AI, but it's just scratching the surface of all the updates we want to put in. Our priority is to get all the content in first though, to make sure QA can run through all the levels of the game. Then we should have a full month left dedicated to balance and tweaks before release. And of course, we'll be able to put more balance updates after release too, if needed. We had a first big pass of QA last week, so starting next week, our first order of business will be to go through the issues that were found and fix them all, so we're ready for our next big QA pass. The only remaining big tickets are our credits section and game ending, so we're starting work on those to make sure whatever text we add to those can be localized in time for release. Everything is on schedule for now, but we'll be extremely busy in the coming months, that's for sure! Thanks again for the great support, everyone! :)

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