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Fell Friday #82 Wrapping things up.

It's been another big week for us, getting a lot done. At this point, all story content for the game is finished and all optional content save for our big optional secret dungeon, the Ancient Path, is also finished.

The game has a ton of story content and a ton of optional content! It's all very exciting :)

From here on, our focus will be primarily on balance, polish and bug fixes, to get the game ready for release, which should be at the end of April.

Progress Update

This week, we finished all the missing cutscenes we had, including our second ending and all optional content with cutscenes. Well, almost. We have 2 cutscenes left for the Ancient Path, but since it's a secret optional dungeon... let's say we're pretty much done. :)

We added some special random enemies that give a large amount of AP or loot to the player if they manage to defeat them before they flee. Those serve many purposes, but one of them is to create both a feeling of "getting lucky" when you find them, but also to force the player to "act fast" and "focus less on safety", as those rare spawns will flee if not taken care of quickly. It should increase the danger level and the excitement when they spawn.

We also added Obelisks to the game. Those are setup in a fashion reminiscent of the old classics from Might and Magic: you have to find and activate all of them and each gives the player a part of a global riddle. When all parts are gathered, the player will have to solve the riddle, which will lead them to a big and valuable treasure with unique rewards.

Finally, we wrapped up our console builds for Sony and Microsoft, for their Certification process. We should have the final results on Monday, but from what I've heard from our contact, we passed the Microsoft Certification process and for PS4, we have 3 sentences using the wrong terminology to fix, which should be a 15 mins affair to fix. So we're in a very good spot for deadlines on all fronts and it's looking great! :)

And here's what our latest spell looks like:

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