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Fell Friday #84 - Preparing for Release

We're slated to release near the end of April, so that doesn't leave us too much time to get everything fully finished. The coming month is sure to be exciting, but also chaotic and frantic!

Progress Report

We've been working non-stop to get everything ready for our upcoming release. Our prime focus has been balance tuning this week. Using all the feedback we've been gathering from the community, we've made a lot of changes to numerous classes and abilities in the latest build. We still have a lot more planned though!

We also worked on our special "end-game" optional dungeon, the Ancient Path, and it's now about 50% complete. It should be completed next week, which will make the game story complete AND optional content complete as well.

Finally, we've been working on some exciting UI updates this week as well, but those won't be ready until next week. Expect some cool things though!

We release another Early Access build today and the patch notes are pretty lengthy. You can get the full details right here.

We don't really have new cool images this week, so I'll just put one of our upcoming "town images" to remind everyone they're still coming to the game:

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