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Fell Friday #86 - Huge Balance Update

Progress Report

This week, we focused on balance primarily. We have about a 100 different balance changes to the game, including lots of passives, counters, skill trees and class growth updates.

We also updated our pathfinding to take into account any traps the player might have found, so they won't step on them during regular movements.

Finally, we took care of various things that could be considered exploits, such as infinite turns by abusing the Quicken spell and other things.

All in all, the game is looking better and better the closer we get to release!

We still have lots of balance updates in the works though, so keep an eye out for them!

This is an example of the new pathfinding showing the real paths available to the player given what they know of the traps in the area:

And this is a new ability we added (we recently found 4 abilities that still didn't have their visuals setup, so we've been wrapping those up).

Otherwise, we've been fixing any bug we find and wrapping up our work on the Ancient Path optional dungeon. Now we only have a custom AI to setup for one of the maps and it should finally be done.

Thanks again for all the support!

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