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Fell Friday Update #3

First: Good news everyone!

Microsoft has approved Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark for Xbox One! So, we'll be targeting Steam and Xbox One for our initial release.

We're still awaiting a response from Sony, so we're not ruling out PS4 at this point, but no news yet. As for the Switch, I think the best case scenario there is probably a later release if anything, but we shall see.

Lots of new work done this week. First, our first "large enemy" is finally finished. Here's what it looks like:

Turret Attack!

(My artist tell me that's his "happy dance". Hmm....)

Also, after some feedback from fans, we've been fine tuning the animation speed for our idle animations and increased it by 25%, as that seems to feel better. We've been getting mixed feedback from the fans about our idle animations: some like the old-school vibe of "walking in place" and some think a custom "idle animation" would be better. We're testing the faster animations that were suggested as a first step, but we're still keeping the option of creating a custom idle animation on the table. We just need to get a solid feedback session going at this point (and we have plans for that ^^). Here are the 2 idle animations side by side, using a new outfit we just finished for male sprites:

< (old) (new) >

Next, we have a lot of new spells in the game. We have more than 50% of our abilities done at this point, so it's going smoothly! Here are the new advanced earth and thunder spells, side by side with their 'weaker' versions:

We also have 3 new heads and 2 new outfits for customizing your troops' looks. Each outfit contains 116 frames, so that's a lot of frames! Currently, counting all sprites in the game (which our packer tool conveniently does for us ^^) we have over 70,000 sprite frames. Yeah... that would one of the reasons why most studios like 3D models more than sprites these days (even though sprites look just that much more awesome we think!).

Then, we have some more concept art in the works as well, but it's not fully finished yet. We should have something to show next week in that area.

Finally, a quick reminder that we'll be giving a quick presentation about the game and the studio next week on August 3rd, at the Melrose Center in Orlando, between 6:30-9:30pm, as part of an Indienomicon event. It'll be followed by some Q&A and a session to test our latest build. Feel free to come check it out!

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