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(Belated) Fell Friday Update #10 - Dark days are over!

Hello everyone! :)

We're quite sorry we missed our update last Friday. In our defense, hurricane Irma tossed a bunch of trees around in our area and, mainly, ate our electricity. Apparently, hurricanes have quite the appetite for the stuff, as we were left without any for a full 7 days and we just got power back yesterday.

Thankfully, there is no big damage or issue with our health or our house, just some trees to pick up and some cleaning to do, so we're now back in full force!

The downside is that we spent a solid part of the last week cleaning the yard and the refrigerator, rather than making cool stuff >.<

We HAVE been focusing all the time we could on our Kickstarter page though (coming on September 26th!), and it's shaping up nicely!

We did manage to get a few new portraits ready as well, so here they are:

As a side note, we'd like to give a big thank you to the folks at the Orlando Topps Digital office downtown. They were kind enough to reserve a conference room for us during all of last week so we could get some work done, even with the power out at our own place. Thanks so much guys, you are the best! :)

The coming week will primarily be spent putting the final touches on the Kickstarter, although we do have some new character outfits that should be coming in. Stay tuned!

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