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Fell Friday Update #13 - Kickstarter Update & Dev Progress

Busy week! First, a big thank you to everyone for the immense support! The Kickstarter campaign is doing well and we're closing in on 40% funded!

Check out the Kickstarter HERE.

We'd like to invite everyone to join our newly setup Discord server, and encourage you to send us feedback, comments and suggestions on there. We want to create a great community and make sure there's an easy path of communication between us and the fans.

Join our Discord server HERE.

Next, if you haven't done so already, please check out the Thunderclap we're setting up to alert everyone about the last 48 hours of the Kickstarter campaign. We could use everyone's help getting that ready and it'll have a big impact on the Kickstarter! Thanks again :)

Help us on Thunderclap HERE.

We've been hard at work this week and we have the first version of the cute Kawa ready to show:

Let us know which variant you like best!

We have more portraits ready, including 3 story characters (Anadine, Yates and Kyrie).

Lastly, you should check out our last Kickstarter update where we reveal some of our beautiful maps like this one:

Check our Kickstarter update for more maps HERE!

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