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Fell Friday Update #15 - Announcements and new outfit

We're still hard at work running our Kickstarter campaign. We're past 60% funded with close to 750 backers and we're nearing the end of the dreaded "middle of the campaign phase", which is notoriously slow for projects. We've been faring well through it so far :)

Quick art update: we have a new set of clothes finished this week.

As we've announced on Kickstarter this week, we decided to include the new idle animation as part of the core game, rather than as a stretch goal on Kickstarter. We've had to rework our budget a bit and take a few more personal risks, but we're happy to report we'll be able to include the new idle animations as well as retain all previously planned content!

Here's the new idle animation again, just in case you missed it:

Finally, we have an AMA going on right now on AMAFeed! It'll last until tomorrow at 5pm (Saturday October 20th):

Thanks everyone!

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