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Fell Friday #21 - New monster sprite, key bindings menu, bug fixes and more!

We've had a pretty busy week and got a lot of stuff done. First, we've been hammering at a lot of bugs, especially around abilities and menus. The fans on our Discord server have been especially helpful in helping us narrow down these issues. Thanks guys!

We've also finished the key remapping menu (and updated the default key bindings to a better layout with some fans input). The keyboard and mouse layout will still require a bit of extra love, but this should leave things in a spot where all the main features are included.

On the art side, we got a few more spells done and have the final version of the Kawa monster. Here's the Kawa with its idle animation (this is our first completed sprite with its new "idle animation" fully ready, so it should give an idea of what to expect!):

We also have some new portraits ready and our portrait artist should soon be ready to start on the fan portraits that have been commissioned through the Kickstarter! That should be pretty cool indeed!

Is it me or those are just getting better? ^^

Otherwise, our primary artist has been working on the boss we showcased before. She's now working on the attack frames and some special frames. He's coming along quite nicely! :)

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