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Fell Friday #22 - Bug fixes, new maps, story characters in-game.

Another big week on the dev side!

This week, we fixed another slew of bugs and refined many systems, primarily centered around how we're packaging loose files with the game. We redid the structure for those because they were causing problems for some Mac users and could cause permission issues easily on Windows as well.

With the new layout, there shouldn't be any more invisible text for Mac users and fan translations and balance mods should also be cleaner and easier to implement for fans. Lastly, save files are now in a folder where people can actually find them, rather than the previous obscure "Unity-recommended" folder.

We've also started doing a bit of rework on some of the menus layout to make them cleaner and easier to navigate, especially around the abilities menu, but that's still in progress.

On the art front, we finally finished the work on the boss creature we showed a few weeks ago, although we won't be showing any more of it, less there easily be evil spoilers!

We now have our 3 starting story characters sprites all ready and fully added to the game! A new game now has all the proper sprites and portraits showing for them. They also have more motions than regular sprites (specifically made for the cutscenes) so in the coming week we'll be giving the current cutscenes a quick make-over to use the new custom motions. It should add even more detail to them!

The current crossroads story sequence with the proper sprites and with the correct portraits (we also have different facial expressions for the story character portraits. This one is a smirk I'd say!)

We also have some new maps, including this cemetery map:

For anyone that wants to see more of our maps thumbnails, our Discord server has a section that has most of them. Check it out here:

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